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  • 20 May 2014

    At the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino were held celebrations to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of one of the ferocious battles of World War II.

    Polish Prime Minister Mr. Donald Tusk, Governor of New Zealand Mr. Jerry Mateparae and Prince of Wales Henry paid tribute to 2nd Polish Corp.

    phot. Grzegorz Gałązka

    During celebrations were also presented: General Władysław Anders` daughter - Ms. Anna Maria Anders, Ms. Carolina Kaczorowska, the widow of the last President of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, veterans and combatants of battle in Monte Cassino and numerous scouts and visitors. There were present also representatives of the Italian government and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Quirinal.

    phot. Grzegorz Gałązka


    The ceremony began with hymns of the Italian Republic and the Republic of Poland, after that the Holy Mass was celebrated as well as multi-faith prayers.

    phot. Grzegorz Gałązka


    Prof. Wojciech Narębski who participated in the battle of Monte Cassino as a soldier of Polish 2nd Corps paid tribute to their comrades who died fighting 70 years ago. “Polish soldiers sacrificed their souls to God, their bodies to Italy and their hearts to Poland”- said. He mentioned his commander Gen. Anders, Polish lancers, artillerists, sappers, signalers , purchasers, doctors and nurses, as well as American and Italian comrades in arms.

    phot. Grzegorz Gałązka


    During the speech at the ceremony, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said, that the name of Monte Cassino in Polish minds is connected with the word "heroes". "Should be proud the nation and is proud- with heroes like this" - said the head of Polish government.


    Thanks to the lessons which gave us Monte Cassino, successive generations living in Poland under communist oppression have not been powerless and inactive- pointed Tusk.

    phot. Grzegorz Gałązka


    We had to believe that there is no existing oppression, from which people cannot break free, if believe in their sacred rights, the right to independence of their own country and their own freedom" - said Tusk.


    Referring to the numerous youth spectators at the ceremony, including scouts, Tusk assured veterans from 2nd Polish Corps that fought for Monte Cassino, "that the new generation will be fight the independence of his homeland and own freedom in the case of danger.


    Prime Minister warned everybody to remember aout what happened here 70 years ago. ”That should be our shared promise that we will not let violence ruled the world. This is real guarantee the independence of Polish forces in Europe and the security of its citizens," - said Tusk.


    "Every soldier's grave is a cry for peace, from every war cemetery flows appeal for forgiveness and reconciliation, dialogue and cessation of violence" - said in his homily, Bishop of the Polish Army Joseph Gozdek.

    phot. Grzegorz Gałązka


    Archbishop of Warsaw Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz said that the ceremony is held in a place "dedicated to the victims in the fight for your an our freedom". "We are here to learn the love to the Motherland, which always demands sacrifice and at the same time we are here to learn to be responsible for the Motherland, as well as to be responsible for another countries in Europe and the World when they need our help" - he said.


    During the ceremony, veterans of the 2nd Polish Corps who participated in the battle of Monte Cassino asked scouts to continue the traditions and ethos of their formation.

    phot. Grzegorz Gałązka

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