• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland


    While applying for confirmation of Polish citizenship it is necessary to submit a relevant request to a Voivodeship Office in Poland that is competent for a last residence place of a person.  If it is not possible to indicate any residence place in Poland, the Warsaw Voivodeship Office shall be considered the competent one.


    A procedure can be also undertaken before the Polish Consulate in Italy. In this case it is necessary to take an appointmet with the Consul and present the following documents:


    • an Application form filled out in Polish,
    • a valid identity document,
    • an Italian identity card or another document confirming permanent stay in Italy,
    • a birth certificate (with parenthood),
    • in case of the change of the surname, name or marital status - a relevant document (i.e. a multilingual marriage certificate),
    • other documents which certify applicant’s connections with Poland (Polish expired documents, Polish documents of parents or grandparents, civil status confirmation etc.),
    • a document which confirms the date of acquisition of foreign citizenship,
    • an Autorization for a person who is a resident in Poland in order to receive correspondence. 


    A consular fee is 80 Euro.


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