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    The main aim of state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign language is to determine candidates’ level of proficiency in Polish regardless of institution where they study Polish as a foreign language, and the curriculum, educational materials and methods applied during the learning process. Proficiency in Polish has been defined as the ability to understand contemporary oral and written Polish and the ability to use Polish in speaking and writing.

    Detailed conditions and procedures concerning the organization of examinations and issuance of certificates, as well as  standard requirements for individual proficiency levels are stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education and Sports of 15 October 2003 (  O.J. no. 191, item 1871)  (Rozporządzenie Ministra Edukacji Narodowej i Sportu z dnia 15 X 2003 (  Dziennik Ustaw nr 191, poz. 1871).
    The following aspects of language competence are tested and assessed during the examinations:
    1. Reading Comprehension
    2. Listening Comprehension
    3. Accuracy/Grammar in Use
    4. Writing
    5. Speaking.
    The certificate examinations are staged on three levels of language proficiency:
    B1 – basic;
    B2 – general intermediate;
    C2 – advanced



    A certificate in Polish as a foreign language is the only state document confirming the proficiency in the Polish language. People who would like to document their level of proficiency in Polish may take this examination. So far, certificate examinations in Polish have been popular among foreigners studying or working in Poland. Recently, a growing number of Poles living abroad take the examination, as they consider command of Polish as their chief asset on the global labour market. Very often Polish employers demand a certificate in Polish as a foreign language from foreigners applying for positions requiring communication in the language. Especially this is the case with health sector institutions (e.g. Chambers of Nurses require from foreigners employed by Polish hospitals and medical centers, a certificate in Polish as a foreign language at B1 level). According to the Regulation on Civil Service (O.J. of 2009 no. 64, item 539) (Rozporządzenie w sprawie służby cywilnej,  Dz. U. z 2009 r. nr 64, poz. 539), a foreigner applying for a job in civil service is required to produce a certificate in Polish as a foreign language at B2 level.
    The examinations in Polish as a foreign language are also gaining  popularity among upper-secondary school students in Germany and the USA. Educational authorities in several countries recognize a certificate in Polish as a document certifying the command of an additional foreign language, which entitles students to obtain additional points during a matriculation examination. Foreign students studying in Poland or foreigners applying for entry to a university in Poland are also interested in obtaining a certificate of Polish as a foreign language. The certificate exempts students planning their further education in Poland from preparatory courses held prior to the commencement of studies.
    Depending on the type of offered studies, Higher Education Institutions, establish different requirements for foreigners concerning the proficiency level in Polish. The B1 basic proficiency in Polish as a foreign language is required in the case of artistic and sports-related disciplines (music, arts, physical education studies). In general, other faculties require,  B2 intermediate level of proficiency in Polish, which is stipulated in the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 12 October 2006 on taking up and carrying out studies by foreigners (O.J. of 2006 no. 190 item 1406, O.J. of 2009 no. 176, item 1365) (Rozporządzenie Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego z 12 pażdziernika 2006r. w sprawie podejmowania i odbywania studiów przez cudzoziemców,  Dz.U. z 2006 r. nr 190, poz. 1406 oraz  Dz.U. z 2009 r. nr 76, poz. 1365)
    Thanks to positive results of the examination, foreigners, from whom Polish employers require a certificate in Polish as a foreign language may more easily conclude job contracts for undetermined period of time and obtain residence permits in Poland. Candidates for the certificate examination in Polish as a foreign language include employees of foreign banks, insurance companies, managers at real estate firms. (The Ministry for Infrastructure, prior to granting a license for carrying out real estate business activity, requires the submission of a certificate in Polish as a foreign language at C2 level: O.J. of 2005 no 35, item 314 (  Dz. U. z 2008 r. nr 31, poz. 189)


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