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  • 21 December 2012

    The initiative of the 2nd Polish Corps Memorial Museum at the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino realised by the Association of Poles in Italy in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Rome was proposed a few years ago by Mieczyslaw Rasiej, former President of the Association of Poles in Italy.


    Monte Cassino is a site visited not only by Poles, but also by numerous groups of tourists and pilgrims from all over Italy and other countries, as well those who come to the nearby monastery.Many of visitors of the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino do not know why Polish soldiers are buried there, how they came to Italy and why they fought for that country’s freedom.


    What’s more, even when visiting the cemetery right now they have no opportunity to broaden their knowledge about Poland’s input in the liberation of Italy during WWII

    As the years pass, the memory of the Monte Cassino battle fades away, even among the people living in the close vicinity.


    The commemorations of the 65th anniversary of the end of the war and the accompanying media campaign demonstrated once more, how scant the awareness of Poles’ participation in WWII is.

    This museum is to commemorate the contribution of Polish soldiers in the liberation of Italy, and to promote knowledge about Poland.


    It will play an important educational role for the Polish visitors as the visit to Monte Cassino is an integral point of the trip to Italy for the most of our countrymen.


    The construction process of 2nd Polish Corps Memorial

    After over a year of intensive works the construction process of 2nd Polish Corps Memorial leads to the end. 2nd Polish Corps Memorial (until now was known as Information Centre in Monte Cassino, the name was changed by Executive Committee which decided, that Memorial is more adequate).

    Visitors of The Museum of Memory will be able to know the history of this unique army which was 2nd Polish Corps whose soldiers, liberated from the Siberian labor camps, became winners in one of the fiercest battles on the fronts of World War II.


    The inauguration of the 2nd Polish Corps Memorial will take place on 17 May 2014 as a part of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino.

    Visit of the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano at the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Casino



    Story of construction:

    Project of the Information Center was designed by Pietro Rogacień - the son of a Polish soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps who fought in the battle of Monte Cassino. The Center will take the form of a rotunda-shaped building, made in local stone and sited next to the entrance of the cemetery. Such a location fits well with the surroundings and the architecture of the cemetery. It will host a permanent exhibition illustrating the history of the 2nd Polish Corps: the deportation of thousands of Poles to Siberia, the formation of General Anders’ army and its odyssey through the Middle East to Italy.


    The permanent exhibition is based on the project of design studio “Kłaput Project” which was selected in the contest (result publication: 24.04.2014).


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    About the contest and results:  or


    2nd Polish Corps Memorial at the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino-presentation of project. oraz .


    The beginning of construction process of the Information Centre at the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino


    Last works on the exhibition dedicate to 2nd Polish Corps


    The last stage of preparations for the inauguration of the museum is installation of exhibition, dedicated to the history of the 2nd Corps.

    In accordance with the designer (studio Kłaput Project) the exhibition will be arranged on 10 thematic panels depicting soldiers of the 2nd Corps during the odyssey. The one part of the exhibition will be a multimedia presentation made of archival materials. Additionally, in the Museum there will be also two multimedia points - the first one dedicated to the Polish War Cemeteries in Italy with a searcher of graves from four polish cemeteries: Monte Cassino, Bologne, Loreto and Casamassima. The second point will be dedicated to the children. In a friendly and accessible way will tell the story of the bear Wojtek who "became a soldier," and together with the army of General Anders traveled trail of war from Iran until the United Kingdom.


    The full trail war soldiers of the 2nd Corps will also be able to traced on a map made in the form of cast iron medallion with a diameter of 2 meters and weighing about 350 kg which is made by Professor Antoni Grabowski.


    The exhibition in easy way present the story of the 2nd Corps. It starts from the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and ends on the fate of the soldiers of General Anders in exile in the postwar years.

    The exhibition, together with consultations and a selection of over 120 photographs and historical maps, has been prepared under the editorship of Professor Krystyna Jaworska and Dr. Paolo Morawski. The biggest part of original pictures and movies was collected from Polish Institute and Museum of gen. Sikorski in London. Other materials was kindly provided by the institutions, archives and individuals from all around the world.



    The idea of constructions of the Museum implemented by the Association of Poles in Italy with support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome, would have no chance to realisation, if not the generosity of many individuals, companies or state institutions, foundations and associations. Through their involvement, the memory of the soldiers of 2nd Corps will be still present in awareness of people around the whole world.



    Fundraising process for the construction works and exhibition was ended in March 2014. The list of donors is closed and will be present on the plaque of donators, but it is still possible to donate funds via bank account. Funds will be used not only to cover the operating costs of the museum every day, but they can also be used to enhance the exhibition of additional content.


    Below is the account information:

    Account name: Fondazione del Museo Memoriale del 2° Corpo Armata Polacco, Via Piemonte 117, 00187 Roma

    Bank: Banca Popolare del Cassinate, Filiale 1, Agenzia 14 di Aquino (Italia)

    Account number: 000010757201

    IBAN : IT 37 M 05372 74300 000010757201



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