• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland


    Issues regarding Polish citizenship are regulated by the Law of 02.04.2009 on Polish citizenship.


    The general rules:


    1. If a child is born of Polish parents or if one of them is a Polish citizen and the other one is a citizen of another country, the child acquires Polish citizenship regardless of place of birth. The child acquires also the citizenship of the other parent, if the law of his/her country of origin permits it.
    2. A marriage between a Polish citizen and a citizen of another country does not influence possession of Polish citizenship.
    3. Polish law foresees the continuity of Polish citizenship which means that if a person once obtains Polish citizenship she/he can always keep it, unless she/he submits to the President of the Republic of Poland specific application and receives President’s decision of renunciation.
    4. Both a Polish passport and a Polish identity card confirm Polish citizenship. An identity card is exclusively issued for Polish citizens.
    5. In some cases before submitting an application for a passport, a confirmation of Polish citizenship can be required (i.e. if an applicant for a long time has not had any Polish document, neither passport nor identity card, or in case of doubts regarding possession of Polish citizenship).


    In the left side column you can find a form for Confirmation of Polish citizenship and a form for Granting the citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland. Please read the information on how to fill it out, on the last page of the form. It can be required to attach documents proving data presented in the application. Certificates of civil status have to be original. Documents in foreign language must be translated into Polish and prepared to be used in Poland.


    Phone information concerning Polish citizenship is provided only from

     9:00 am until 11:00 am.



    Appointments with the Consul regarding Polish citizenship
    can be taken only by telephone calling 0636204311 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

    (not via the e-konsulat system).


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