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    The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland informs that starting from the 1st of March 2015 all the matters related to ID cards are regulated by the Law of 06th August 2010 regarding Identity cards (Official Journal of 2010, no. 167, position 1131 with later amendments) and the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of 29th January 2015 regarding the identity card's pattern,  as well as its issue, loss, damage, cancellation (Official Journal of 2015, position 212).


    According to the new regulation, the consul of the Republic of Poland is not authorized neither to issue nor to intermediate at identity cards’ issue procedure.


    A holder of an identity card staying outside the territory of the Republic of Poland whose identity card has been lost or damaged shall inform immediately and personally about this fact any Consular Section of the Republic of Poland. This information can be provided in the written  via post office or fax on the form indicated in the regulation.


    A holder of an identity card who reported its loss or damage in person at the consular office will receive an appropriate certificate. This certificate is valid until a new ID card is issued but no longer than 2 months. It is free of charge.


    Note please: The certificate is not a travel document and it does not entitle to cross borders.


    In case of declaration in writing  via post office or fax, the certificate confirming a loss or damage of an ID card can be issued only at the  request expressed in declaration itself, indicating an address at which it should be sent to.


    Those who live outside Poland and have no possibility to submit an application form personally at the relevant office in Poland, may apply for an ID card via Internet with a safe electronic signature (verified by a qualified certificate or signature confirmed with an Epuap).


    A person, who has lost an ID card and does not have a passport, in case of need to obtain a document allowing to return to the place of residence, should apply personally to the nearest consulate of the Republic of Poland in order to obtain a temporary passport. A temporary passport has usually short expiry date.


    In case of a change of data indicated on an identity card, Polish citizens are obliged to apply for a new ID card within 3 months from the date of receiving a final administrative decision or a final court decision confirming the change of data, or from the date of preparation of the marriage certificate confirming change of a name and, in case  of a marriage contracted in front of the consul or foreign authority – from the date of delivery of the marriage certificate.


    If you do not apply for a replacement of the ID card within above indicated period, a current ID card will become not valid after 4 months from the moment at which its holder was obliged to exchange it.


    Please note: in the consulate of the Republic of Poland only passports can be issued. ID cards and driving license are issued exclusively in Poland.




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